Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspiration (that I couldn't resist)

 It's been a while since I'd done inspiration and today's is special due to the fact that their mine'o'mine! Yes indeedy. After yesterday's exam I went to my closest Zara store and bought the two pairs I had been LUSTING AFTER for ages (well, ever since Christmas). The first pair is a gorgeous court heel with cap-toe detainling. I love the two colors and can picture myself wearing them a hell of a lot. I also adore the chunkier heel.
 Both pictures are from the Zara website. I'm saving my own pics for a shoe-saving post ;)
 The second pair is in my opinion even more special. These incredibly awesome ballerina flats are simply magical. It's like having gold feet.. They literally shine! They make me feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Ozz. And sequinned shoes are better than glittered, since I'd say they are more durable.
 Also from the Zara site. I love this detailed picture. I honestly cannot wait to wear them. And I feel very proud of myself for waiting after my first exam to purchase them (though I was so worried they'd be sold out, being the last pair and everything).
So that's today's inspiration. Did yall get anything in the winter sales?

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