Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inspiration: Ice Cream

 This Thursday the boy & I will be heading off to the middle east for our January holiday. Basically a week in paradise planned.. Truth be told, I cannot wait to escape the horrors of Czech winter and instead be enjoying the wonderful sun. Thinking of the sun shining has triggered thoughts of ice cream. So here's to one of my favorite treats!
Chanel goes minty
Lara Stone likes hers melting on her fingertips
Coco Rocha plays dress-up
From a Vogue fashion-story - delicious!
Feeling inspired? Xox, MsV


Aline C. said...

Where are you going? Cz it's pretty cold here in the middle east :P

MsVeve said...

Not as cold as here! :)) (We're going to Dubai)