Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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So, you're thinking I probably changed my life around and now have a clean flat and have been saving up money and all that cal? Well, sadly no, instead I have been reading The Hunger Games and am shocked how good the book is!! And I just spent a fortune over on Asos so and still broke, still in minus or whatevers. This outfit is from last week (and please don't comment on the mess that is my flat - I know, I know.) The shoes were ebayed and then DIYed (I colored the heel black) and are unbelieveably uncomfortable (why? seriously, why?) but matched my skirt nicely enough to warranty a wear to the lab and back homes where I changed into smth more comfortable for school.


Juliann Whicker said...

Yes. The skirt is so perfectly fluffily prim. Very lovely. And edgy, of course:)

Meagan said...

How cute are those tights? And that amazing skirt? And these photos in general? You look so cute!

Cathy said...

Wow! Love that skirt and tights. Cute and chic.

Cathy@Trees Our Best Friends