Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's up

 I haven't been here much the last few days--but it wasn't for not wanting to, but rather for your own protection. I've been battling with a cold and a moody mood. Not a happy place to be at, trust. Today I've brightened my aura by applying many different colors of nail polish (because my first try at one colour went horribly wrong--but this is so much better right?). It's like modern art right on my finger tips. No, I'm not high right now. Or well I could possibly have a fever, who knows. Moving on.
 A boring but typical school outfit I wore sometime last week? Or in the margins of the week before--whatever. Stradivarius cropped fake leather jacket, H&M sweater, F&F knitted dress; Asos shoes. Last time I wore these it was on the airplane headed for Dubai. In totles need of a vacation. Or just a life sponsor--someone to send me some flashcash for shoes. But obvi not happening, so instead I'm now watching an epic show Freaks&Geeks that I just download from my favorite uni friend. And I should be off to a party soon but am kinda over it, in whitegirlproblems speech.

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