Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lift your spirits

I was just over at one of my fave blogs (I have quite a few of those btw) and was reading up/watching some pretty neat videos of graduation and pre-wedding happenings. I must say – besides being incredibly moved by it all and wishing all the best – I am a tad bit jealous. Here I am in the middle of nowhere (okay, so in the capital city in central Europe but still) and I’m struggling in my second year of uni, completely unsure with what lies in my future, my computer has an attitude problem, my bank account is deep in minus, my pig is huge, my boy hates my pig, my Asos orders keep arriving with items missing – so I’m having a bit of a low. Of course, I know that there’s so much to be thankful for but sometime those things can be hard to see. There's the big things that we tend to take for granted - family, friends, health... and then there's the little things - a trip to the zoo (will be posting pictures soon!), a spiked Asos headband that is somehow gentle but with an edge, matching mis-matching sandals (I love having more color variations) and last but not least (in today's list) an icon that inspires (I adore that massive book shelf). Yup, I'm feeling better already!

 * Asos headband, Asos mustache earrings, Zara lace dress
*French Connection sandals (blue pair bought in Dubai, red pair courtesy of
*Uncle Karl says read. Such a perfect photo.

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