Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Places

Today I'm home, finishing up a translation seminar paper and fighting off the beginning of a cold. As I stare longingly out of the window and look at the wonderful sun shine, I think of my favorite places. There are quite a few I have in Prague but I'll just mention a fraction.
The park of the way from work
There is this tiny tiny park on the way from work to the tram stop home. It's a lovely place, though in the colder months can be quite dangerous (it might not look like it from this picture, but it's super steep!)
Divoka Sarka park
You might remember this photo from the first of May - the boy and I took a trip out to Divoka Sarka. I just adore this place. It has a nice peaceful feel to it but is still in the boundaries of Prague and not too far from the center either.
Spicy chick pea soup at home. This is probably my favorite soup. What can I say? I'm a chickpea gal.
My flat. It's tiny, it's rented, it's usually a mess, bla bla bla, but I love it anyway.
The view from my flat
One of the things I love about the flat is the view. It's literally breath-taking. I adore this little space I call home. I know I'll have to move sooner or later but still, for the time being, it's nice to call it home.

That's all for now, talk soon, xox,

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