Monday, June 4, 2012

Shoes etc.

 This is kind of a random post - a few new things I've acquired lately and a few you've seen before but that I love very much. Above is my new Zara white lace dress that I completely adore. I had been stalking it in store since it came out, but they only had it in S or L and L was way too big. Then it was sold out completely but luckily they got a new shipment of these dresses and had one in M... so obvi it was destined to be mine. Otherwise wearing my trusty Topshop school-girl bag, a cropped fake leather jacket courtesy of Stradivarius and Asos mustache earrings. And a side braid - the easiest most no-fuss hair styl, which I have been wearing basically ever since my hair grew long.
 Mis-matched Melissa shoes. The first time I wore these was for the EBEW black and white challenge - btw I haven't participated in EBEW for too long! Hopefully I won't miss the next challenge. Also below you can see a better view of the lace of the Zara white lace dress... LOVE it!

 A new favorite: a Motel pleated skirt (via Asos); gold sparkle jelly flats
 Blue Q clutch bag. Such awesome print! (French lessons!!); Maybeline coral nail polish
 Asos Madox yellow lace-up flats. A lovely bright yellow shade. I love happy shoes.
And last but not least my new pair of rain boots (they're by Fulton and have a cute Scotty dog print and were mega on sale over at Asos). I've just finished typing an essay that is due today and am getting ready to have dinner and a movie with the boy, so toudolou,
Miss V

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love the mis matched shoes!!

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