Monday, July 15, 2013

Last Week...

 Last week was my birthday and I had this whole super day planned. Yeah, well, you know the saying about making plans and God laughing? Well, apparently, there's something to it, cause most my plans were canceled due to Mr. Pig. He bit me. I was on the phone talking to the boy about the mortgage and things and suddenly the pig ran up to me and attacked. Bit my hand. Instead of going to the Zoo as I had planned I went to the hospital and got my hand looked at. They said it needs stitches but it being an animal bite, they only taped it up a wrapped it - no stitches due to the risk of infection - and have been going to check ups and am currently on antibiotics. Fun. So that was my birthday for ya. Well not all of my plans were canceled, the boy and I did end up going to a steak house for a celebratory dinner.

I wore a new dress I bought myself for my bday. (Sadly, probably the last thing I'll buy for awhile - the lab I work has less money now so all our pays have been shortened.) The dress is from Zara Woman. The shoes were a gift from my sis and are also Zara Woman (I love those little golden spikes everywhere!). Bag is from Paul B from Dubai. Anyways, the hand is doing better though it still hurts and thus I actually have a genuine excuse for not blogging. :) I am, however, planning a big blogging comeback once we move and I have internet at home. Until then bare with me, please. Yours, xo, Miss V.

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Pink Haired Princess said...

Oh no, you poor thing. You still rock a sling and bandage ; )