Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Adventures

Over on the blog Yours Truly there was talk of summer adventures. In the comments, in order to win a copy of the new issue of Betty magazine, readers could share their own summer adventures -

here's what I shared:

a story from seven summers ago:

I had just graduated from high school (has it really been so long??) and as is tradition in my family, I got to choose a gift for passing my final exams. I remember my brother had chosen a watch when he graduated and I can't recall what my sister chose. But for me it was a simple decision: I had always wanted a dog. I was never allowed one, because my family kept moving around (I grew up in France and in Maryland, US, although we come from Prague, Czech Republic, where we are all currently living too) but I had always always wanted one so so much.

I had the breed BULLTERRIER in mind and was looking for a suitable puppy but then one day soon afterwards my brother came to me with an add from the pound. There, a three and a half year old dog named Buddy was looking for a new home. He had hardly any fur, poor thing, and it was apparent from the picture in the add that he had his tail broken. He also had worms and a bad eye infection. But the look he had on his face...that look went straight to my heart and I knew right away that that is my dog. I called the pound and it took a while to get the proceedings happening and since he was of poor health I had to wait until they "cured" him of the worms (they so didn't btw) before I could go pick him up.

The pound was located in a little village somewhere far far away and my brother and I packed up the car and went for a lovely road trip. We arrived in the village Maly Jenikov and finally found the pound and there was Buddy, super excited that he had visitors. We were a bit uncertain and so they told us to take Buddy for a walk and see if we were a good match. I had already bought Buddy a new leash so I snapped it on him and we went out for a walk. Buddy was so happy, (he obviously wasn't walked much, poor thing) and was really enjoying his walk when he happened upon some other dog's dried pooh. What he did next was he literally threw it at me with his paw. I laughed so hard I almost cried. That decided it: this dog has character and he is going home with us.

We went back in the pound and signed the papers and I gave them a donation and we put Buddy in the back of the car and headed back home. Buddy would not stay in the back of the car and jumped over the seats and was trying to play with my brother who was driving so in the end I had to have Buddy on my lap (he smelled really bad too poor little dude) and his tail kept hitting the stick shift:) After we finally got home we opened the door and my parents greeted Buddy (they were against me getting him because he had looked so awful without the fur and everything, but they're nice people so they let me have him) and he ran into the house, tail wagging like it's his birthday, ate his dinner that was waiting for him in the kitchen in a bowl and then jumped on the couch and smiled. The dog was smiling because he knew he was home.

It's been seven years and I must say that Buddy is the most amazing dog ever. He is a true friend. There may have been a few problems on the way (he is allergic to a few foods and his paws get bad in the winter if we're not careful, and we had to teach him not to attack hedgehogs - that was his one vice,hunting hedgehogs) but it all was worth it. He now has such lovely fur that people stop me on the streets and ask me if he is a show dog :)) Oh, and my parents love him so much that when I moved from their house to a rented flat (only 10 minutes away by tram), they begged me to let them keep him (they have a garden so they won).

Life is funny that way I guess. But that summer adventure was one of the best moments in my life. Thanks for letting me share it with you:)

Above: the photo according to which Buddy found his way into my heart:) Below: Buddy from the side, you can see he was missing a lot of fur. I honestly think no one else would have taken him in.

Buddy now - he likes to guard the garden from the living room sofa:) He is a lovely and happy animal.

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