Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bright and bouncy

Reasons to be thankful for:

1) leaving uni a couple hours early,
2) perfect pizza lunch and then ice cream (the rich delish kind too),
3) taking the dy off work,
4) dress shopping (bought the most OTT dress possible, imagine short, sparkly and multi-colored - which I shall wear to Saturday's party),
5) talking with my best friend on the phone - s'been too long,
6) spending all day with my sweetie (obviously the most important point but this is in chronological order right, so there.)

7) being on the net during boring bus ride to HK, nothing against watching back-to-back episodes of Friends but srsly, if you take this root frequently then it's rather annoying. (I think I've seen this episode before, the one where Rachel makes the meat puddling cake thing).

Photos are from the weekend photoshoot. These are by Saneesh Sukumaran. For those of you who have me on facebook, I know, I know, you've seen these before. Apologies.
Text written yesterday during bus ride to Hradec Kralove. Was an amazing trip, really, just a shame I had to leave back to Prague the same day.. *On the bus ride back saw exactly the same episodes. Srsly, Student Agency, you should work this out better.. :P


alexandra Carelli said...

there are TV shows on your buses?? and internet? crazy.

MsVeve said...

well this was on a out of town bus.. (Was going from Prague to Hradec Kralove and then back). So yes,on these buses there's TV and the net.. but considering I've seen one episode of Friends like 5 times now.. :P You get the picture..