Wednesday, January 19, 2011

shoe challenge

One of my favorite bloggers Amber (from doing a shoe challenge all year which will end very soon.. anyways, she totally inspired me to do the same. The rules, according to Amber and a little bit changed by me, are:

1. Each pair of shoes I own must be worn at least once by the end of January 2012.
2. Photos must be taken to prove that the shoes were worn.
3. New shoes can be purchased (because, let’s face it, it’s not like I’m going to give up shoe shopping), but any new purchases must ALSO be worn by the end of the challenge.
4. Any shoes NOT worn will be donated or dumped at the end of the challenge: use ‘em or lose ‘em!

So yesterday I counted how many shoes I have at the flat (I have some back at my parents' house but those do not count..) and not counting home slippers or work out shoes it was 106 pairs. Pictured above is the pair I wore today, probably the most boring pair of shoes I have but today was a nasty day weather-wise so didn't want to prance around in a silly pair of shoes and picked a casual pair instead. So here I am starting my shoe challenge wearing uggs and grey leg warmers, durr! In order to spice things up a little bit I put on my favorite pair of shorts. High waisted and peach colored, divine! Bought them in H&M right after Christmas and the only down point about them is it's hard to find tops that go with them. One of the types that does work thou is cropped or side-tied. Oh and Dracul helped pick out my outfir, obviously. He loves to "help". (Oh and just if you're wondering, 2nd section of shoes from the top on the right hand side are not mine cause they're the Boy's.) 

More interesting shoes to come, promise! :))

xoxo, MsVeve


Alien said...

I enjoyed watching Shoeperwoman's Challenge posts, she's inspired me to start it as well. I think I'll be starting it once this semester is over :)
WOAH 106!! That's more than her :P
I need to count how many I have, I'm sure it's not THAT many... but with all the shopping I've been doing lately... I think I'll be close :P


Alien said...

I bought shoes from Zara again as well :D
I'm SO addicted to their shoes!!!
Ou I've given you an award, it's on my blog check it out! :)