Monday, January 31, 2011

Shoe challenge #7: Luckedy Luck

What: favorite boots from Stradivarius
Where: uni exam
Wearing: Topshop faux fur coat, Zara high waisted pants, H&M knee high socks, Benetton red scarf, Guess handbag, Zara hat, Bata leather gloves

So overslept today, had to rush out of the flat to get to an improtant uni exam. Hadn't studied much and had like no time, so put on all my favorite pieces. Like my Topshop leopard print coat, cozy! and these boots? I Looooooooove them. I've had to get them repaired since I've already worn them so much. Anywyas, it has been a lucky day. Passed my test! Yeay! :))

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