Monday, January 17, 2011

lusting after

yeah, so most of my posts are of things I'm longing for, so what?? I'm basically in love with spring already and wishing I could be wearing silly little dresses, eating candy and being all Easter-ish. Love this photo of Kate. But alas, it's mid January and the weather forecast is saying it's only getting colder, so tough luck. The fashion I'm wearing is a bit blah on most days, cause the cold is making it a tad difficult = mainly footwear wise. Honestly, I'm so sick of all winter footwear I could scream! Luckily today is a bit on the warmer side (has been for a week now, so yeay!) so I'm wearing my fave leather studded 'converse' shoes. I'm also wearing my new Topshop leopard print coat, yeah:)) Don't have it photographed on myself so here's the photo from the topshop page. Surreal.

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