Saturday, January 22, 2011

shoe challenge #4: Touch the sky

what: Topshop platformed suede heels (sorry, don't remember their name)
where: Top Hotel Prague, Lawyer of the Year Awards
wearing: Mango limited add. dress, Zara purse and Zara hooded winter coat

So this is what the hairdresser did to my hair:) Anyways, I was surprised how comfy these shoes were! Granted, we did take a taxi there and back but still, we arrived at the awards a bit after seven and got home at like midnight? and I had these babies on a bit before (from like 5:30 pm harhar prancing around the flat:)) so definitely a good 6 hours! By midnight my feet were KILLING me but still, as far as HIGH high heels go? These are a good wear.
btw, this dress? innoncent from the front and until proven guilty from the back.. oh and it was also me and my boyfriend's anniversary:) We had a fun time which is what matters most of all:) Happy anniversary sweetie:-*

1 comment:

Alien said...

Your hair looks cool, I'm liking it black and curly :)
The dress is amazing, I love dresses that are innocent in the front and crazy open in the back!