Thursday, October 18, 2012

Farewell to Summer

 It's officially autumn (=winter) here and so I can no longer go out without wearing warm footwear. But before that happened I happily wore these studded slipper flats from Zara that I bought in Rome.
 I wore them on the first day back at uni (two and a half weeks ago) and trust it was a HARD decision to choose which pair of shoes to wear. The 'first day of school' outfit is a crucial fashion statement - it should show who you have become during the summer. And it's also nice to flaunt new things right? Below is the bag I wore - doctor's bags are big this season. Plus I thrifted it for like almost nothing...

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Pink Haired Princess said...

I can remember my first day moving to Uni and into the 'halls of residence' and Mum saying not to wear anything too scary or intimidating!