Friday, October 26, 2012

ASOS haul

Asos creepers, ordered yesterday
 About a week or so ago and yesterday I purchased a couple of things over on Asos. I have been spending a little too much money lately but sometimes you need to go all out in order to really enjoy the shopping moment. Anyways, I wanted to share what I bought (although the items have not arrived yet). Above is a pair of Asos creepers. Those who know me, know I love me some creepers and I only have a few pairs (a tartan pair, a black suede pair and a black leather pair), so when I saw these were on sale, I thought "add to bag". It was the only rational thought that could have been, trust.
Asos quilted mini skirt with heart pockets, ordered last week
 Something I'm really into at the moment is quilted materials. So when I saw this quilted mini skirt with heart pockets (=awesome), it quickly found its way into my shopping bag. I do wonder how it will look in real life, but I think it will get its fair share of wear during the colder months. Plus I could wear it on Valentine's Day... Will keep you posted.
Tortoise belt, Asos, ordered last week
 How cute are those turtles, right?? and for only £4.50? I'd call that a bargain.
Asos wedge trainers, ordered last week
 I had been ogling these wedges for ages. I was a bit torn between needing another pair of wedge trainers and well, not needing them. In the end I decided I obviously did need them after all and happily added them to the list.
Ssusan Caplan for Asos vintage snake ring, ordered yesterday
Last but not least is this two-headed snake ring. I sure hope it fits (the size wasn't mentioned), but the thing is, I used to have a two-snakes ring (the anniversary ring of my grandma) but I lost it like five years ago (it simply slipped off my finger, I still morn the loss to this day) and this ring sort of reminded me of it (though my original ring was much much MUCH nicer, it was silver and it was actually two snakes not a two-headed snake but whatever) so I'm going to give it a try. I cannot wait for the items to arrive (the first order should arrive any day now). To be honest, if I could have I would have bought like a million more things but I'm happy with what I have ordered so far and hopefully the items will match my expectations of them. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, till next time, xo, V

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