Thursday, October 25, 2012

Killer Heels

 I wore these shoes to school yesterday and something horrible happened. For the very first time a pair of shoes caused me to fall down, in the middle of the street no less. This has never happened to me before (without the external cause of alcohol) and I've worn some crazy heeled shoes! It'd true that these are quite high (almost 13cm without a platform) and the fact that I was hurrying in order to catch a tram might have also contributed to my fall or the damned cobblestones that are everywhere near my school but still, it was a shock. It'll definitely be a (long) while before I wear these babies again.
Gamloong lace-up heels in dark green suede


Pink Haired Princess said...

oh no, hope you didn't hurt yourself, they're so cute too!

MsVeve said...

No, just my ego :D I thought I could walk in anything! But cobble stones won..