Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Style Inspiration: Catwoman

 As an advocate of strong female characters I bring to you one of my all-time favorite comic-book/tv/film characters, whose style is just incredible. Yup, I'm talking about Serene Kyle aka Catwoman. I have liked her in various forms - my favorite being the animated show version but also the Dark Knight Rises version courtesy of Anne Hathaway.
 I felt she portrayed the character very well and have dedicated this post to her via showing various poster photos and other pictures readily available on the internet.
 I adore how she rides that motorcycle. She looks loads better than Batman on it. And she's somehow very cat-like too. Hmm.
 But I also love the look of her without the costume. When trying to flee the city she is so polished and elegant. Love the hat btw.
 But it is also how she interacts with Bruce that is so endearing. Aren't they such a cute couple? *
 Below is perhaps my favorite photo of the two. It's an in-between scenes photo of Hathaway and Bale and they look so comfortable together. Such an "awww" moment.
 Oh and it wouldn't be me not to mention the footwear...
 I'm not much into over-the-knee boots but that heel. My my my, that heel is lush. So dear Catwoman, I send my regards and praise for a job well done.
Maybe it's time to invest in a good all-leather outfit? Maybe I'll just re-watch the film. That's all folks, till next time, cheers.


Bethan Currie said...

I went as Catwoman to a costume party recently! Definitely a great way to get attention :)


Pink Haired Princess said...

Fabulous post, haven't seen the Anne Hathaway film yet.