Monday, January 14, 2013

My So-Called Life

 As you can see it is a winter wonderland (= dreadfully snowing) here in Prague. I would not have ventured out if it were not for my exam. It was a bit nerve wrecking since there was no proper way to prepare for this exam - Reading Medieval Texts. Well I did my best and now onwards to face the rest of my exams.
 This is what I wore btw, I felt very bee-like and it made me think happy thoughts. I went shopping to Reserved last week on Friday and ended up buying loads of things (this sweater that I absolutely adore, this miniskirt and one other, two pairs of tights, two knee-length socks and an over-sized tee/dress). Speaking of things I adore, I love my new phone and the cameras I have downloaded. To make "Buddy Popart" I used the app PicsArt and I have just found the app LINE camera that I started using today and quite like (the first photo was done by using this app).
 I have been posting random photos on Instagram and have been really enjoying it. For instance this is my favorite (and quite simple) eye look. All you need is a steady hand and gel eyeliner. Fellow instagramers, you can find me under msveveve.
 Below: an outfit I wore over the weekend: thick coat and warm shoes. *I have no idea how I'm doing with the shoe challenge since hadn't taken proper photos in ages, but I have finally crossed some old shoes out of my shoe list and I still need to cross out a few more. However, I'm glad that these shoes are "safe".
 Photos taken on Thusday on my way home from work - I love the view from Nuselsky bridge.
 *Almost forgot, I bought a new wallet from Topshop. Being a huge lover of leo print I thought it was perfect for me. And it was on sale...
 And the last of my shopping (yup, I'm broke): these gorgeous Zara flats. I just don't know how to say no to a pair of studded shoes.
 Here's a close-up. Aren't they just lovely??
 To end this random "in my life" post - what I have been wearing almost non-stop: this uber warm Zara winter coat. It's like walking around wearing a duvet. But better. Much better. That's all for now, I have to go and write an essay (deadline today, ops!). Talk soon, xo, Veve

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