Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspired by..

 The photo above got me thinking. Can you really label a length like this. I don't agree. For one thing, midi lengths are back in style go to call them "old-fashioned" doesn't seem right. Another thing, it all depends on HOW you wear whatever you're wearing and also WHERE you are wearing it to. A swimsuit cover up wouldn't be sluttish or whoreish, now would it? Furthermore, what does "asking-for-it" mean?? Asking for what? Anyways, according to the picture, if I were to accept the length titles, I wear skirts/dresses somewhere between provocative-cheeky-flirty. These are the lengths that I think look best on me. (Most often I'm probably cheeky.) Though I do sometimes go for longer lengths and I own a pair of high waisted very short shorts. And I also wouldn't mind wearing the skirt pictured below:
 And the hat. The look is from Ulyana Sergeenko and though I would wear a different top (something less bra like), I adore both the chicness and seductiveness of this particular outfit. See? Size doesn't matter!
 Next up on my "inspired by" list is the BB cream by L'oreal. I just bought it yesterday so am wearing it today for the first time but I adore it. (I couldn't find the product image anywhere, so the one above is the predecessor to the new bb cream.) What impressed me most when I was deciding to buy it or not was that it comes out white out of the tube and by rubbing it it turns into the skin tone color. I use the color "light" and so far am happy with my purchase.
Last on today's list is this print inspired by Wes Anderson's movie The Royal Tenenbaums. I love Wes Anderson! His magical world never fails in brightening my mood. Boy did it need lifting! I need to rewrite THREE essays and have two major exams ahead plus had to postpone one exam until the summer term. Can you say STRESS? But that's life with it's ups and downs and staying inspired helps make it all better.

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