Thursday, January 24, 2013

Files of New: Topshop

 Yesterday I went out to dinner with the boy and while I was waiting for him, I stopped by Topshop and bought these lovely lovely wedges. They're called "Webster" which I find quite endearing. I was eying them up before but now that they were on double sale, I couldn't resist!
They detailing looks a bit silver in this image but it is actually in a shade of gold. I also bought a skirt and some make-up. I was debating another pair of shoes, but what am I, made of money? And I didn't want to lug too much with me to dinner. I'm thinking of returning to Topshop but not before another exam so all the gorgeous shoes will probably be gone, oh well, that's life. I'm just grateful that I got to snap these babes up. Until next time, xo, MsVeve


Pink Haired Princess said...

I'm not buying much just now, which is all very boring, but I need to rectify the overspend pre-Christmas.

MsVeve said...

Yeah I'm not buying anything else either. But then it'll be all for the better when we do finally go shopping again - it's nice to have a break sometimes.