Monday, February 25, 2013

Annual visit

 Today the owner of our flat stopped by for an annual visit plus to sign a new lease for half a year. I only wanted for half a year as I am currently looking over offers for flats/houses to buy sometime in the near future. Now, the idea of getting a mortgage is really scary but I would love to have a house of my own. Or a flat. But a house would be waaaaaay better :) I'm definitely a house chick.

For the meeting a wore a skirt that I wear like all the time nowadays. It's a thrift find and was originally from H&M (and it had a peplum at the top but I cut that off). The sweater is from JCrew. The top is Zara and was bought during the sales. I really like the print:
 As for the shoes, well, they're a pair of H&M quilted flats and to be honest I only wore them indoors. When I went walking the pig I had on a pair of warm boots. There's too much snow for flats. I'm currently curled up in bed because after the flat owner left I started to feel poorly and although I was supposed to go to school (would have been heading out in twenty minutes), I'm staying home. I sure hope I'll feel better tomorrow. But for now, goodnight (afternoon).

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