Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Post-uni Shopping Day

 As I may have mentioned before, I had an exam yesterday. (Still don't know the results which is infuriating!) And because my uni days haven't been exactly going too smoothly, I decided to treat myself to some post-uni shopping. Hurray!

 I stopped by a Zara store (a different - a furtheraway one - than I usually go to) and bought these two pairs of shoes. The first pair - a cutesy pair of flats with an embroidered mustache - was a tough decision whether to get them or not. They were the last pair - and in my size - and cost only 300 crowns. So I bought them because I was afraid if I hadn't I would regret it. On to the second pair: a lovely pair of wedges. I was thinking about getting them about two weeks ago but then thought they were still too expensive and that I would wait and risk it and of course, they disappeared from my Zara shop (my meaning the closest to my flat). I was sad and thought I'd never get them. But - ha! - they had them over at the Chodov shopping mall and waaaay cheaper too. Good thing I waited!

 Right after my exam and before I went to Zara, I stopped by one of my favorite thrift shops and thought I'd just take a look. I was very lucky and scored not one but two very lovely dresses. I think in a way I was inspired by my new favorite vlog: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I am in love/awe of Jane. She always has such beautiful dresses with the little bows and everything. The two dresses I bought kinda reminded me of her. For the first dress (which is by Dunnes btw) it had to be the button detailing on the back of the dress. Really awesome right?

For the second dress it was the print.I first though it was mushrooms but its probably just circles. It doesn't matter because whatever it is, it's pretty darn cute.

Last but not least I stopped by over at Sephora and bought the Lady Gaga perfume Fame. I have wanted it for ages and now it was on a special Valentine's Day (oh wow, is it already February?!) sale. So I was pretty happy on my way home with all my lute but then I came home and what awaited me? Bloody pig-monster somehow got in the fridge (it has a safety belt on it) and ate everything and made a huge huge huge mess. So, yeah, that kinda sucked. Now I'm not speaking to Dracul and am seriously thinking about a possible solution. He's bored at home and needs more space and I think he will be an outdoor pig soon. But how to solve that??? I really don't know what to do. Something will have to change..

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Pink Haired Princess said...

great buys! I loved that when Lady Gaga was doing her promo duties for the perfume, she wore shoes that featured that perfume bottle as the heels, they looked amazing!