Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 Life lately has been revolving around the same old same old. School, work, daily life. Worrying about school, work, daily life. Also house-hunting but that's a story all of its own. Because of all the mundane, there has been no time or opportunity for photo taking. This has left me with only instagram photos to share...

Firstly, a morning photo with my favorite magazine (the UK Glamour). Gosh, I love Glamour. Too bad it's quite expensive to buy it here in dreary Prague. But whatever.

 Second, my two passports. They make me feel like a spy. And they make me want to do on some exotic adventure oh so badly. And maybe color my hair... Black or blonde?

Aww, Starbucks. How I love thee. Hot chocolate almost makes it okay that it's still winter over here.

Lastly, instead of reading all those books I need to for uni, I'm thinking of rebelling and reading something different, you know, just for fun. I saw these two books in the book store and am deciding between them. Any suggestions? (*Oh, also thinking of getting Silver Linings Playbook but they didn't have it in store!)

Time to start getting ready to go out. Need to walk Mr. Piggio and then it's movie night tonight (the Shockproof Film Festival). See you later!

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