Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just short of a miracle..

Now I love colors, I really do. From pastels to brights, from just a hint to some major clashing, you name it! But alas I must say.. Nothing beats a LBD! This one is absolutely amazing and from Michael Kors.


grace said...

oh michael kors! he always does the lbd verry well

and youre in prague! last time i was there, we didnt go to sleep before 8 am any of the nights. i dont know how you all do it

MsVeve said...

Yeah prague is definetely the best city for partying non-stop..

and like when I was in Dublin I was so shocked how all the clubs and pubs close at 4 and that's it. all that's left is to go home..

whereas here in Praha it's at a whole other level:))