Saturday, April 11, 2009

TIGI S-factor hair product try-out

Recently I had received 4 samples of TIGI S-factor hair products I have been dying to try out: S-factor Smoothing conditioner, S-factor Smoothing Lusterizer, S- factor Serious Conditioner and S-factor Serious Conditioner with Sunflower Seed Oil... and today is the lucky day I get to tell you all about it!

Now in my opinion, the Smoothing conditioner is nothing speacial really, merely a typical just-like-any-other conditioner so I wasn't too impressed and thus was kind of sceptical about the rest as well BUT I totally went head our heels for the Serious conditioner, the name does not lie. It works wonders (especially the sunflower seed oil one) and I should know, I mean I bleach my hair, it needs all the help it can get! And I most definetely lust the Lusterizer. It's beyond rad. I can't wait to use it again.

So that's 3 outta 4 in my book.. Tigi, baby, you've won me over.

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