Monday, April 13, 2009

Lusting after...

1) the perfect white summer dress
2) fake leather jacket
3) high shine leggings
4) men shoe inspired lace-up flats
5) black umbrella (I know, saaad)
6) tribal earrings
7) the perfect man (yeeah, I know.)
8) givency-esque chain cross necklaces
9) loose knit top
10) christian dior christal white diamond bezel watch

** the depressing thing? I'm probably more likely to get number 10 than #7


Anonymous said...

hey that's not such a bad thing! at least you won't complain about where his hands are and you can always change his battery when he stops working ha. perfect men are quite elusive in my opinion! I've yet to find one as well...let me know when the Perfect Man Convention comes to NYC again! lol

MsVeve said...

Hahaha honey if there's such a thing.. then see you in NYC!

dirtycash said...

hmmmm..... One can wish right??? I have similar wants..... a over priced watch, and a girl with lots of tattoos plus a good fashion sense...

MsVeve said...

Nothing beats flattery to get you places:DD