Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Men's fashion..

Truth be told when I look at men's fashion, I'm checking out the guy as well. I mean, if it were a girl wearing a pretty dress and she wasn't so interesting, I wouldn't really care, I'd be looking at the dress..
BUT when it's men's clothes, the guy needs to be looking sweet as well. Enter Jean Paul Gaultier and his A/W 2009 show. The man knows exactly what I look for (e.g. notice the wig.. too bad it's a wig thou, would have been insanely irresistible if he really had hair like this.. one can dream:). Anyways back to the point, he looks just dashing doesn't he? And I didn't even notice that he's wearing a skirt :D


Anonymous said...

aaa...travis hair xxl :D

MsVeve said...