Sunday, April 12, 2009

What to wear to see your ex?

This morning I was faced with a dilema.. What to wear to see your ex? Now I'm not exactly certain if I will or will not be seeing my ex today (added later today: yup, he was there!), but I have an appointment at a tattoo parlor to get my Buddy tatt finished and he works there (btw I am so SO lucky he wasn't the one who did the tattoo in the first place, I must have read the future or smth and known we were bound to end OR it was just that bloody obvious, yeah, I'll go with that one).

Anyways, so I'm standing in front of the mirror and all I know is that I'll need to be wearing something sleeveless, since the tattoo artist will need access to the top of my shoulder. So I put on a nice summery dress and it would have totally worked..BUT it would have worked too MUCH, catch my drift? And I don't want to look like I've tried too hard, actually I'm going more for the "just couldn't be bothered look". So I put on a worn out sleeveless band t-shirt and skinny jeans and yeah, it's OK, but it looks like too little effort. You know, like what if I meet someone of the way? You never know and it's a small world.. So the winning number 3 outfit consists of a simple H&M pink summery tanktop, said skinny jeans (Zara btw), vintage leather belt, altered leopard print tunic, a huge toote bag and Bershka flat anckle boots. I would have so loved to have worn heels (preferably the ones from the last post;)) but my ex was (well is really) a short guy and didn't want to stir the waters more than it was inevitable.

Added later today:

The whole affair turns into a complete nightmare: a) my cell phone dies. It doesn't just turn of, no, no no no, it DIES. My dear sweet Nokia XpressMusic mobile has perished (another one bites the dust). b) I come two bloody hours late (I thought my appointment was at 4 p.m. but alas it was already at 2) c) I'm short on cash.

But all's well that ends well and I got the ink done. (Also bought a new phone - LG KC 550 - but that's a whole nother story..)


Anonymous said...

hahaha babe so sorry for ur day...tomorrow will be a whole new story, promised:-* cu, A.

MsVeve said...

Awww thank you sweeie!