Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lusting after..

Since my internet is STILL not working at the flat (boohoohoo), cannot upload my own photos (basically photos of the flat, the way it's been coming along and so forth...) so it's time for another lusting after. Firstly, as spring paves its way to us all, polka dots! They're back! I love this photo..

Road trip! :)) Again, as the weather warms to a kinder note, a trip seems mighty in order. Add a pink cadi to the mix and voila! A fashion frenzy just waiting to break free. Don't you just adore this photo? It was part of a magazine layout all of which was centered around chicks and cars. Divine.

A Marilyn painting. That I would kill for:) I love the way it's all set on her lips, perfection. I could look at it all day, hahaha.

Speaking of lips... Too cute for words, srsly. Now the big question remains.. a clutch or a toote?


Alien said...

I like the tote better, although I own a very cute clutch with lips on it.

MsVeve said...

I kinda like the clutch better (since the lips are more bright:) but I usually get more usuage out of totes since.. well for obvious reasons (carryin around a ton of crap:))

issye margaretha kamal said...

oh that lips photos are amazing. i heart that

MsVeve said...

me too :)