Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring, my flat and a whole lotta crap:))

With spring behind the corner (this time for real:)) I've retrieved my miniskirts and wondering what goes best with a bright pink tutu? :) leopardprint flats of course!

Remember that red/white Ikea desk? Well it was sold out in red so have the white version instead and actually really happy about it cause it brightens up the room and all.

And with all the books and all it doesn't even miss the colour much.

Decorating the flat.. stocked up on books, parfumes, films...


Yes, I use my shoes as decorations. So what? I mean, they're so pretty and all right? So why not.. (plus no other place to put them).

I think I've successfully stuffed my flat with all my stuff and REALLY there's no more room left, hahaa. Oh! At a recent party my friend told me an interesting rule she and her boyfriend have set at their place, apparently they have these incredible dinner parties and the rule is simple, the parties end at 11pm. You wanna continue the party? Sure, but not in the flat. They take it outside, to some pubs etc. That way you don't get stuck with overnighters and the cleaning up isn't so severe. Hmmm, lookinh into this idea, sounds pretty good:))

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