Monday, March 1, 2010

Me & my new flat

Still in the process of decorating and moving stuff over from my parents' house. I basically have the kitchen done with (thou strangely enough forgot to take photos there, huh.) and have a perfect list of things I need to buy (a closet, a desk, ...) and am slowly working on it. I LOVE my flat, I love it dearly. But there are some down points: 1) no internet! Hell!!! That also meaans fewer blog posts:/ 2)the street I live on is scary. At night I was looking out the window at the train tracks that are one street away and there was a whole bunch of cops there with flashlights and looking for someone. Yikes! and also twich already a saw this guy that pees on our building. I find that weird. I mean, it wasn't even that late (like 8 pm), maybe some sort of ritual or smth? Creepy. Oh and the night I went out at night and was returning home it was kinda uncomfortable. Was getting a bit too much attention. But that really doesn't have anything to do with the flat.. 3) there's a drippings sound at night, but then I check all the pipes etc. and nothing. Huh.

Otherwise everything is bliss and perfection. Hope you enjoy the photos and more to come soon. Hopefully :)


Meream said...

I am jealous. That place actually looks cool!

Alien said...

Congrats! it's so cute!!!!

MsVeve said...

thaaaank you :)) still working on decorating but getting there:)