Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What day is today??

So, the going ons in my everyday life? Comuting between my parent's house and the flat like three times per day. Have no internet at the flat so really a must, plus still have most of my crap at 'home' so in dire need to get it moved. Plus visiting Buddy - who is no longer mad at me, thank God! - my trusted little helper. See him above, isn't he just the bloody sweetest?! :) Yup! Two weeks aago went to a fun photoshoot with Midzu . Wearing a lovely cocktail dress by MONIKK. Love love love. The sleeve on that is just brutal. Amazing. Went to a couple parties etc., wondering if I'll ever get to wear that stripped dress (it's still soooo cold :/) and last but not least Buddy again. He is the best.

Ohh and need to buy a calender or something! I keep fotgetting what day it is hahaa!

Wishing everyone a happy week :)


Anonymous said...

you're beautiful ! but i wanna know what did happen to left arm/hand ?

MsVeve said...

oh that, juat aan unfortunate accident:/ recovery is taking ages thou.. draaag!