Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black vs. Blonde

As a blonde I was close to always wearing black. From LBDs to tight black tees with dark dark jeans, you get the picture right? But then when the change occured, another had to follow, meaning I had to add some color to the mix to avoid that 'too black' look. Amongst my favorite colors to add are obviously red and pink, as you can see from the pictures above:) I still keep black a part of my look but I try not to make it the most compelling aspect.

1. Red V-neck sweater, skinny blue jeans, white tee (all Zara), belt vintage
2. Pink tutu mini skirt (Topshop), black tee (Zara)
3. Pink tee-dress Stradivarius, black studded belt (Zara)
4. Pink tee-dress Stradivarius, black shredded leggings (H&M)


Alien said...

Love the hair in the first photo, cute hair clip.
Love the dress the pink dress! (although it looks red in the pic)

MsVeve said...

awww thank you;)

Katia said...

Great leggins!