Thursday, May 6, 2010

Files of New revisited

FINALLY found the pair of nude heels I was looking for. Okay, so they're not Louboutins but Zara, nontheless good old Zara never lets me down:) And they're quite comfy and since I had been dreaming of a pair just like them for AGES I am extremely happy. Yeay. My files of new shopping trip din't stop there thou, quite sadly for my pooor account, I fell in love with this adorable playsuit (my first, actually. I really like them and all but srsly, a pair of shorts and a tank top stuck together, well that's NOT too practical, thou I do love that the shortness of it can be quite extreme since it's not a dress).
I know taking photos in the changing room is kinda akward but I needed a second opinion (and so was sending this photo as a mms) and since the verdikt was indeed positive I did end up buying both the playsuit AND the heels. Oh happy day! The playsuit is a beautiful dark blue and has these tiny polk dots and tiny hearts all over it. SWEET! and the three golden buttons are also heart shaped. I srsly love being a girly-girl hahah.
I also instantly fell in love with this darling sailor inspired red and blue stripped dress. I love the low placed pockets and the easiness of this dress. The gold buttons have a sailor motive on them and it was just too cute to leave behind.
And these were for a real good price and will be perfect for those days when you want something fun and a bit sporty and have a lot of walking planned. I love the bright colors that form the details. Last but not least I bought this darling tiny purse that has studded detailing and the best thing about it? Both gold and silver studded, I love the united look.
So anyways the Files of New have been very eventful today and I'm a happy little gal and going off to get my beauty sleep. Hoping you all have a great shopping day ahead as well and til next time, xoxo.


Meream said...

Now you made me want to buy nude shoes, too. Haaha

MsVeve said...

:)) I totally recommend them, perfect for spring and summer!