Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Files of New.. Cause that's all I do :D

Yeah, so I have a shopping addiction, so what, there's worse things out there, right.. More stuff I just NEEDED the week before last (now so far I've been a good girl but I'm having some lustfull thoughts about more swimwear, aaargh! ). From top to bottom: H&M oversized tee/dress (love how huge this piece is), H&M bikini top (with a golden leopard print going on there, huh. Perfection;) and black bottom, H&M black bikini top (this top goes with the bottom from the prior pic but I like neeever wear swimwear that was meant to go together, hah). Anyways you guys also head over heels for summer wear, bikinis and all that? :)


Alien said...

ouuu!!!! I saw the over sized tee at H&M too, I just couldn't decide what colour to get. hmm I think I'm going to go with all three. muahaha
Leopard bikini top is awesome!!!
I still haven't gotten my summer gear/swimwear, I'll be getting to it next week.

MsVeve said...

It's so comfy and perfect, I recommend it;)