Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My heart beats for you.. the red, white and blue.

As the title suggests am loving this combo, red, white and blue. My daily look involves a lot of this darling trio. Am currently head over heads for the layered look, with lots of long loose tops and comfy styles and soft fabrics. Clean cut skinny jeans with long boyfriend-style button down shirts (pictured about my favorite one from Topshop). And of course my love for ankle boots has no boundaries. Though obviously am counting down the days until it'll be finally warm enough for the strappy skyscraper heeled sandals and cork wedges. Am spending my free time daydreaming about my upcoming June holiday to Spain. Oh yeeeeaaah baby!
And while off at the pub it's all about fun printed tees with comix inspired pictures. Speaking of the comic book craze, I'm currently thinking about getting some new ink and was totally into the idea of either getting Wonder women or a grusome zombie-ish Virgin Mary. I'm quite torn considering this matter and thus will wait it out and see which idea will be a keeper. They're at a tie so this should be interesting.
Last but not least my new summer dress via Stradivarius. More red, white and blue action going on here. The pocket detail on this white summer dress is bloody amazing and another thing, you would NOT believe how hard it is to find a white dress that is NOT see-thru. Has taken me like forever, srsly. But alas I found the perfect version and am utterly happy. Now all I need is some warmer weather, huh. Yeah..

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