Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy and inked :))

Saturday I attended the annual Prague Tattoo Convention and got my craziest tat yet, hahaaa. Done by Lukas "Musa" Musil from Tribo tattoo studio with his amazing abstract style and the shark was actually drawn by me, yeay! I'm SO happy with this tatt, it's unique and quirky yet still cute and girlie. And Musa was so gentle!! The meaning behind it is actually tough love, with the smiling sharkie dragging a submarine with this darling little dude in there and a broken window. I couldn't be happier! The first photo is of me relaxing at home today, what a lovely day btw. Sunny and peaceful. I hope you're all having such a day as well..

1 comment:

george said...

that is the coolest effing tat i have ever seen.