Monday, July 23, 2012

A Pair of Blue Jeans

 I bought this pair of jeans about two weeks ago in the Mango sale. I love it when Mango has sales - the prices drop so much it's unbelievable! Anyways, as is custom with new items of clothing that feel 'just right', I have been wearing them almost non-stop.
 Zara brown wooden sandals, Atmosphere summer wedges in pink
PPQ for Office wedges

Lately I have been enjoying the sales, reading all kinds of books, thrifting as much as possible, watching re-runs of old X-files, thinking about the essays I still have to write and getting ready for my pending vacation. It's gotten a bit cold on us here in Prague but it's still summer enough and I'm trying to get the most out of it before our very short Autumn rolls around and then as if in the blink of an eye Winter shows up. There's stillso many pairs of shoes to get through! But you know me and I love a challenge. So stay tuned, xx, V

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