Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 A while ago my Kindle died, it was a sad sad day. But on the plus side, I got to order a new one. After a stressful wait, my new Kindles arrived. Yup, that's right: kindleS. I got two: one for reading (as I find the ink display to be best for reading e-books) and one for playing (the new Kindle Fire, I have been lusting after a tablet for so long...). Although I had higher expectations for the tablet Kindle (which weren't met mainly because I live in the Czech Republic and there are A LOT of area restrictions) all-in-all I'm quite happy with my purchases (but I am still hoping that Amazon will fix the apps so that they will be downloadable in the rest of Europe).
 Another fun part of buying the new devices was picking out cases for them. For my old kindle I had a really boring black cover and it had gotten all grubby over time. I was quite excited about throwing it away and getting new covers with a bit of fun to them. So I got one in hot pink and one in bright red. They are so me. And they go well with my Piglet cell phone cover too.
What can I say? I love a happy ending!! (*there's a cover on my kindle fire display to protect it, that's why it looks so weird.)

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