Thursday, November 1, 2012


Reading this book for my Minority Lit. class:
Going to watch the film over the weekend but I doubt it will be like the novel. The start of the book was so... harsh. Plus the way it's written (as letters to God), it's, well, you just can't do that in a movie. But still, I want to see it.
Speaking of "want", I bought these shoes two weeks ago and have worn them once but it's already way too cold for them:/
Otherwise I would be wearing them non-stop. I love studded slipper flats! (These are from Topshop.)

As some of you may know, my kindle broke during the weekend. It was a sad affair, but the good news is I'm getting a new one and it's gonna be the fire hd!!! I cannot wait for it to arrive!!! So excited! The only down side and uber annoying factor is that doesn't ship kindles to Prague, Czech Rep. and only ships the older versions. So I'm shipping it to relatives in the UK and then hopefully they'll ship it asap to me. Which basically means the wait will be a tad longer but still, I'm happy with the outcome for it was the best possible one given the situation. On a completely different subject, I'm currently inspired by:
The Twigster. I'll be attending a Halloween party over the weekend so maybe I'll go as her, maybe. I also really loved this couple's costume idea:
Kinsey and her beau as Mr. & Mrs. Fox, just perfect! For more ideas check out abeautifulmess :)

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