Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lady in Red

 It's gotten uber cold here in Prague - which I guess is a mixed blessing. On one hand I love layering and I adore my boots (the ones I'm wearing today are a recent purchase - yesterday at a thrift store: new never-worn boots for less than $14? yes please - "Just Women" heeled boots in tan) but on the other hand, I hate the cold.
 So basically I suffer through the winter months and pray for an early spring and a long summer. Sadly, spring time comes late to Prague and summer is never very long. But, nevertheless, I'm trying to enjoy the time before the snow comes and the freezing cold sets in. Today I took a walk to the Pankrac mall (I went in to buy a cookbook that the boy wanted) and was super happy that I took my camera with me. The sky was lovely and so were all the leaves everywhere!
 My red coat was a really nice contrast against the background. Unfortunately, people kept walking by and it got a bit awkward. The blogger's curse of taking self-photos, what a cross to bare! (The close-up pictured above was taken while I was idly standing too close to my cam so that the passersby wouldn't walk next to my camera, but at least you can really see the texture of my coat, right?)
Wearing: Camad. coat; Esprit shawl; Zara jeans; Bershka sweater; Bershka t-shirt (not seen); H&M tank top (not seen); thrifted Just Women boots; Mark B for Topshop bag (bought in Dubai <3>

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Diana Mathias said...

Love the jacket and the boots!