Friday, November 23, 2012

Typically unusual

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating! I'm home with angina (tonsillitis) and after just two days home I feel like I'm losing my mind. So to keep myself occupied I'm drawing stuff. Above - dream shoe.
 Fancy dress with feather like detailing and below a casual look. I'm in no shape to be taking pictures (the bags under my eyes are far too big) so in order to have something to post, I thought I'd share this. I realized that I got my scanner/printer last year for Christmas from my sis and have hardly used it since! Was definitely time to fix that! I can't believe it's almost Christmas again - and so behind, usually I'd already have some gifts bought but this year I only have two gifts for the boy and that's it! I like to have everything ready ahead of time so that I don't stress myself out. Any gift ideas for parents and the boy's parents?? I find those the hardest to pick out!!

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