Friday, March 8, 2013

Adding to My Plate

Besides worrying about uni and my career, I am also worrying about where we're going to live. The lease on our flat is slowly ending and it's definitely time for an upgrade. Though I do like it here, it's way too small for us and I'd rather pay a mortgage than pay rent. Sadly, buying a home can be very stressful (all that paperwork! And most importantly, finding the right place...).

My dream home would definitely be a house. I grew up in a house and I'd want my kids to do the same. And it would be perfect for Mr. Pig as well. I'm not completely against an apartment, but it would have to be huge to make me happy. And apartments in Prague are expensive!

So the boy obviously wants an apartment nearest to Prague center and I want a house and wouldn't mind commuting a bit. We've been to several apartments so far and nothing has been a match to our requirements. But next week we have two possibilities: on Tuesday we go see a house in Radotin that I have VERY high hopes for and Wednesday we go see a flat. I'm really hoping that the house will be IT. Now it just depends on the condition of the house and if the owners will be willing to down the price by a little bit.

I'll let you know after Tuesday how it turns out. Perhaps I'll be calling this place home, sweet home! As always, wish me luck, xo, Miss V


Pink Haired Princess said...

Hope it goes well for you, very stressful time! x

Aline C. said...

Hope it works out!
Although I've lived my whole life in apartments, I would like to one day own a house as well :)
Best of luck.

MsVeve said...

Thanks for the well wishes, sadly the house wasn't as nice as I was expecting so it didn't work out. Oh well, back to the drawing board:)