Wednesday, March 27, 2013

On Repeat

There are so many things on my mind right now. I have, as usual, a ton of things I should be doing. But instead it's like I'm in hibernation mood. Literally. I just want to lay in bed with hot sweet tea reading my favorite books and watching the LBDs. I'll be honest and admit that I skipped school on Monday, luckily a class got canceled yesterday and today I stayed home because I was feeling very under the weather. So yeah, I've spent the day reading but instead of reading books I've been swept away by fanfiction.

And it's gotten me thinking about relationships. And what people expect out of relationships. And why real life can never really be like the fairytale versions that we can only dream about. I mean, I'm in a relationship that I'm quite happy with. We have become more than just boyfriend/girlfriend, I think we've become best friends. But the point is, and yes, there is a point, as "perfect" as it is or as it can be, there will always be ups and downs. We're human, we're real, we have misunderstandings. For instance, we don't agree on the pig. He thinks I should get rid of Dracul because Dracul destroys our rented flat, whereas I would hate myself if I got rid of a helpless animal that I myself acquired.

But what I wanted to talk about was fanfiction. Yes, fanfiction. I think I might be addicted. Remember when I mentioned the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? Well, the show is ending tomorrow (although there will be another season based on the Pemberley miniseries) and I've grown very attached to it. With Lizzie and Darcy finally getting together, it's nice to read some romantic fluff stories about when could have happened and could in the future between my favorite couple. Yes, I am a bit obsessed with Pride & Prejudice okay? But to keep face I must mention that I am centering my BA thesis all on Austen's P&P and all the various adaptations :) (and there are loads! Did you know there's a Bollywood version?! Yeah. And a pretty good Dutch version...)

Anyways, here's to my favorite fictional couple & long live fanfiction, xoxo, Miss V

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