Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dreaming of a sunny day:))

Things looking forward to the most: wearing tiny dresses and ha! without tights, shoving off my totally long legs, heels!, my new-ish (not so much new as never been worn) sweater, which due to the bat sleeves is unwearable with any jacket so.. unwearable until like April. Purple skinny jeans. Anyways, after my exam month is over I'm gonna celebrate by buying my dream pair of heels (nude colored - like really light beigy, skin tone-ish ), that being my totally must-buy for the upcoming spring. I know it's been on trend for a while but still, haven't yet found the perfect pair so am still just lusting after. Anyways, I just cannot wait for spring.. what are yall looking forward to?


Alien said...

I've been looking for nude heels too, when you find a good one can you please post where you got it from :D

MsVeve said...

was asked via email to post bigger picture of the dress. Doesn't seem to work too well.. just click on the image to enlarge;)

nude heels: def. if I find 'em, will post the info;))