Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've got sunshine..

This is me right now, I'm so happy:) Reason for this? Well, first off, passed an exam had been dreading and that ALWAYS works right. Second, got everything I had to get done at work so my work day ended really early and I got to cut work early and go out before night came on. Also the boy has been really nice and supportive all day:) Anyways, after leaving the lab, went to Zara and bought a bag that I had been LUSTING over for ages and best part? Was on sale! (It had been sold out so was really rather shocked but guess that shows, you never really know, right?). Also bought a cute dark grey spring jacket. Was really cheap and is really sweet. That's the best combination there is.. Am really looking forward to spring and yeah, yeah, winter was ok and all and have really cute little snow boots and everything but spring? Spring is it, baby.

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