Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A new start..

Firstly my most heartfelt apologies, I know I have been neglecting you, dear blog. It just seems like there's always something more urgent than to give you the proper time you deserve. But somehow, sweetie, I know we'll get through. As a way of penance, I offer the first post of January 2010. A year I hope to be amazing, fashion filled, successful and above all fun:) So, what is the perfect way to start the new blogging year? How bout some new year's resolutions? :))
  • write a post a day (aiming for min. 5 posts a week, or like at least 4 or something..)
  • make posts better than just uploading a picture (now this might be tough)
  • go to the gym 2x a week (there must be a reason why I pay for a membership right?:D)
  • try something new every week (when we were doing this back in the day with my best friend we ended up winning flight tickets to our perfect holiday in Tel Aviv, perfection)
  • start training Buddy (hahaha, yeah right)
  • finish reading all books that have started reading and not instead start reading new ones
  • eat healthier, start doing yoga in the mornings and become perfect saint-style person

Happy new year everyone!

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