Friday, January 15, 2010

A summary

Granted, I've seen a lot of bloggers do this but found it amazingly sweet and so decided to do it as well. It's a look back to what has gone on during the past year and perhaps where things are headed.

So as most of you prolly know, have stopped smoking. It's always a big deal, (going on to 2.5 months next week, yess!) and in a way I will always miss it. But I truly hope it's a part of my past that's well left behind.

Still madly in love with Buddy Boo. Whom inspires me to no end. Must make more Buddy art soon:)

So what actually happened last year? My best friend and I did our anual trip to Dublin, had an amazing time. Must repeat asap:)

My brother became a doctor. (Here are my Grandma, Mum, brother and his gf and my Dad at his graduation.)

The photographer that took this picture labeled it "Pictoresque couple" and putting aside the play on words, I find it rather sweet. My and my baby, (he hates this picture but I, in a most blonde and romantic way, find it v. lovely), so anyways, we putt it together last year:D

My best friend and I went to Tel Aviv. (This list isn't actually chronological, but whatver, just look at the pretty pictures). Anyways, this became THE BEST VACATION EVER. With about like a million pictures taken:DD

Tel Aviv, we'll be back!

What else had happened? Quit my old university to go to a new one, from the faculty of Arts to Chemical Technology. You gotta love the drama:)

Otherwise things are pretty much the same. Am hoping this year will be just as filled with amazing times, and places and above all people. (This photo above was taken by Ben, one of my best friends and also a great photographer, whom is sadly moving away in two weeks time. Will miss you Ben, come back and visit soon:)

Happy 2010.

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Anonymous said...

happy 2010 to you as well!
a very lovely post and great to hear about all your good fortune :)