Monday, January 11, 2010

Girls' night out

I know I look tired and totally need a hair cut but I had slept about 5 hours, spent most of the day at work, argued with the boy and have exam month at the uni. Still was great to meet with the girls for wine and bitching:))

The photo of the hand near the ash tray and wine glass. (Explanation: making fun of people who take photos of cigarettes and alco, and we don't smoke so we had to improvise). Nice hand thou right? :D

At Tretter's. Took ages to find but so worth it cause its's such a nice bar. Yes, we had an overly bitchy night..

We have the same camera ♥

I dunno why but this picture just won't turn around. Waiting for our dinner at a favorite pizzeria.

My "I so don't wanna kiss you" face and Aja's sweet happy face. This is why we are the perfect match.

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